Wouldn't it be nice if EVERYONE loved to go to work on Monday morning?

Happy Mondays Self-Study Course was created by Kristin Robertson to teach companies a six-step process to create a productive, profitable and performance-enhancing corporate culture.  The results? Higher profits driven by happier, more engaged employees who look forward to coming to work every day of the week!


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In this online self-paced course, you will learn how to:

  • Consistently Meet Revenue and Profitability Goals by creating an enjoyable, productive work environment.

  • Train Leaders to Build Teams that are productive, accountable, trustworthy AND respectful.
  • Challenge Team Members in a way that makes them feel trusted and consistently held to high standards.

  • Eliminate Turnover of Good Employees through proven hiring practices.

  • Create Collaborative Departments to achieve common goals faster.

You Will Gain Access to:

A Trusted Company Culture Expert

Kristin Robertson, author of the acclaimed book, Happy Mondays: Create a Company Culture in which People Love to Go to Work!, has helped hundreds of leaders grow positive organization cultures.

Kristin has created a ten-step process that you can follow to build a positive, productive and performance-enhancing company culture.

Templates, Forms & Spreadsheets to save you countless hours of labor!

You gain access to over 40 resources, including documents, spreadsheets, forms, worksheets and templates, that will help you grow a vibrant company culture.  Based on the structure of Kristin Robertson's book, Happy Mondays, these resources will save you countless hours of labor.  You have unlimited access to this treasure chest of time-saving tips and tricks.

A Community of Culture-minded Professionals

You will have access to an interactive online community of corporate culture professionals, where you can share your challenges,  accomplishments and best practices with like-minded people.  Imagine having finger-tip access to some of the best minds re-inventing company culture today!

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Companies like Southwest Airlines, Zappos, Google and REI understand the benefits of a positive organizational culture, which include:

  • Increased profits
  • Improved customer satisfaction & loyalty
  • Higher retention of key employees
  • Reduced expenses, due to engaged employees
  • Culture becomes your brand and vice versa

When you invest in the Happy Mondays Self Study course, you'll gain the knowledge, process and tools you need to grow your own vibrant company culture and reap the rewards.

Your Return on Investment

Your membership in the Happy Mondays Club is worth many times what you pay for it!  Joining the Club provides you:

  • An 87-page workbook of lessons and resources - $129 value
  • Unlimited online access to the library of recorded webinars - $500 value 
  • Practical knowledge of how to implement a great culture - $2500 value 
  • Over 40 templates, spreadsheets, checklists and other culture-related documents, available for download online - $129 value 
  • A 60-minute private phone consultation with expert culture transformer, Kristin Robertson - $350 value
  • The pride inherent in growing an organizational culture where people are productive, challenged, respected and accountable - PRICELESS!

Normally, your total investment is $475.  Until June 30, 2019, use the discount code of HAPPPYMONDAYS to receive an incredible introductory price of $119.

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Meet your Company Culture Expert and Trainer

Kristin Robertson, CEO of Brio Leadership, is a premiere company culture consultant, having worked with companies such as Hewlett-Packard, 7-Eleven, Southwest Airlines , Susan G Komen, and Schneider Electric to develop their leaders and grow vibrant organizational cultures.  In addition, she is an executive coach who helps leaders sharpen their skills and inspire a shared vision, and a interactive meeting facilitator. 

Her latest book is the definitive guidebook on growing vibrant organizational cultures, Your Company Culture Ecosystem.  

Kristin is a certified company culture consultant, holds the Professional Certified Coach designation granted by the International Coach Federation and has achieved two masters degrees, one in music performance and the other in Organizational Development and Leadership.

"Follow Kristin Robertson’s prescriptions, and you can grow your own unique and sustainable business. Remember, as Peter Drucker famously said, ‘Culture eats strategy for lunch!'"

Tom Niesen
CEO, Acuity Systems

You can grow a vibrant culture if you know how!

Our desire is for you to develop a positive, productive culture at your organization. Think of the pride you'll feel knowing you've made a huge difference in the lives of your team members and the success of your company. We can help you design and implement a great culture!


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